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Restaurant & Business Management Consultant for the Hospitality Industry

Restaurant Consulting, Business Plans, Site Selection/Negotiation, New Concepts, Creative Menus, Kitchen Design, Procedures, Training
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Longboard Hospitality Group is a Restaurant Consultant Expert with over 30 years of proven successes of creating profitable restaurants across the United States. Longboard Hospitality Group is a "Hands-on" restaurant consulting company that focuses on realistic solutions to complex problems: Crea...

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Restaurant Consultant Destin, FL
Successful Restaurant Operations have a plan.
As a Restaurant Consultant, I meet people at different levels in the food industry, from owners of expensive exclusive restaurants to owners of cafes on the corner, who share with me about the most common pitfalls and ...

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Restaurant Consultant -Destin, FL
How to Survive the First year of Business ?
If you run a restaurant business few years you have certainly encountered many problems on your skin, but you’re still there and your restaurant is still open, right?
If you know the most common reasons why restaurants...

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Does your Restaurant have Horrible Consumer Reviews? Consumer Reviews drive business to you, or away from you.

When you have poor reviews, are you listening to your customers?

Restaurant Consulting-Training – Restaurant training programs are often put together as a last-minute task, howeve...

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What to do if your RESTAURANT gets Shut Down by the Health Department?

The key 9 reasons the Health Department will shut a restaurant down:
1) Food not being cooled by an approved method where the internal product temperature is reduced f...

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Finding the right staff for your Restaurant is difficult.
Living in a tourist area makes Hiring difficult.
Hiring in a tight labor market with Record low Unemployment even harder.
What to do?
Longboard Hospitality Group specializes in helping Restaurant Owners target, train and retain the most q...

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Need a little guidance on how to bring your Restaurant back in the Black? Are you losing more Customers due to poor Reviews? Longboard Hospitality Group is a Restaurant Consultant Expert with over 30 years of proven successes of creating profitable restaurants across the United States. Longboard ...

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Is YOUR Menu Stale?
Restaurant Food & Beverage (F&B) Development
Restaurant Consulting- Catering or Private Dining– Longboard Hospitality Group will assist the restaurant owners with menu development, use records, china selections, table top design, equipment selections, and software solutions fo...

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Is your Restaurant looking to expand their foot print, or menu offering?

Longboard Hospitality Group specializes in helping restaurant owners make the next step on solid footing.
An Example of our services-

Restaurant Consulting -Expansion

Restaurant Branding – Business Consulting- in today’s ...

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a year ago
Larry has a depth of hospitality industry knowledge that is rare and valuable to any operation. His expertise is broad ranging and proven as effective to those he has helped. I have gained incredible value from my time spent working with him and Longboard Hospitality.
- Benjamin T
a year ago
Longboard Hospitality Group is a pleasure to work with. Larry Work has great expertise in negotiating leases and contracts. He also has considerable knowledge on menu development and cost control.
- Michelle L
a year ago
I’ve been working with Longboard hospitality since the last three years, on several different projects. Larry Work provided me with an action plan for growing my company, reviewed and negotiated important contracts, and assisted me with a business plan that will allow me to raise more capital.
- Elodie C

Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant

 Expert Business Management Consulting for Troubled Restaurants & the Hospitality Industry  

Larry Work, CEO of Longboard Hospitality Group brings a "Hands On" approach and will partner with your Management team to create a Sustainable Business plan, create procedures, training, market research, develop profitable menus and lease negotiations to make your business profitable.  

Restaurant Operations & Management       
  • Restaurant Consulting Back-of-the-House – the most overlooked area of many restaurants is the kitchen, yet the delivery of a memorable dish is the life blood of any restaurant. Restaurant Owners tend to cut costs because customers can’t see the kitchens. Although this is true, Longboard Hospitality has first-hand knowledge on designing safe kitchens that produce excellent products with the least amount of budgeted labor cost. We lay out restaurant kitchens that are efficient, meet or exceed local and federal health guidelines, require minimal maintenance and renovations, while delivering the optimal speed in delivering fresh food to the tables. Our experience has led us to building smaller more efficient restaurant kitchens.     
  • Restaurant Consulting, Front -of-the-House – In a restaurant, the dining room has a million moving parts and each one of these parts are critical to the success of any restaurant. Longboard Hospitality Group Business Consultants will advise on all Front of the House operations, including cash management, employee scheduling, restaurant budgets, inventory control, dining reservation systems, restaurant private events systems, seating and table top selections, restaurant music systems, restaurant lighting systems, employee uniforms, employee training, teach restaurant management proper hiring practices, restaurant cleaning and side work, equipment maintenance plans, food & beverage server station guidelines, proper wine service, menu descriptions, correct use of safety & employment records, time-keeping, etc. 
  • Restaurant Consulting-Hiring – Longboard Hospitality Group will assist owners with finding the best hourly and salaried talent, preparing an application that meets local, state, and federal guidelines, employee background checks, references, application screening, setting up job fairs, teach best hiring practices, review& create employee handbooks, policies, and procedures.     
  •  Restaurant Consulting-Point of Sale – Research the best POS (Point Of Sale) system that will deliver the most amount of valuable information to the banks, accountants, business partners, owners, and management team monthly. Some POS systems integrate with accounting software that allows for seamless transmission of sales, labor cost, taxes, tip reporting, and generally accepted tax-exempt transactions. It is very typical that restaurant owners overspend on POS, lack the training to fully utilize the systems, and fail to research the service side of the contract. Our Business Consultant has already researched the best Restaurant Point of Sale systems in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Restaurant Consulting-Training  – Restaurant training programs are often put together as a last-minute task, however it’s one of the top 5 most critical points for success. Longboard Hospitality is using a paperless training format that allows employees the freedom to read all the training materials and company policies at their own leisure. Restaurant employees are tested on all training materials before they ever work on the floor, behind the bar, at the host stand, or in the kitchen. On-going training requirements are also part of the curriculum and most of this material can be updated or uploaded from the corporate office.      

Restaurant Consulting -Concepts & Openings

  • Restaurant Business Plan Creation –  using a short, concise, overview of your business plan, which includes an executive summary, an overview of your industry, market analysis, competition, marketing, ownership and management, operating agreement, financial plan, and a list of exhibits supporting the Longboard Hospitality Group study. ·
  • Restaurant Concept Development -This starts with a collaboration between the restaurant owners, restaurant managers, architect, and Longboard Hospitality Group to identify the concept in very specific and defined terms. This will include the type of cuisine, style of service, a list of original ideas that set you apart from the competitors, design, restaurant location preferences, square footage, number of seats, kitchen layout design preferences, outdoor restaurant seating, ceiling heights, hours of operation, etc. Once the restaurant team has a clear picture of the concept, the architect will prepare a “story book” illustrating what the space might look like in terms of layout, colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting, table top décor, restaurant branding, and perhaps photos of restaurant comps. 
  • Restaurant Funding and Finance - One of the most difficult challenges for the restaurant industry is raising capital. Conventional and Non-Conventional Funding will require a solid resume (with a proven track record) from the core operating team buffered with a top-notch business plan. Longboard Hospitality Group has the experience to help operators deliver a professional funding plan geared to all lending options. 
  • Restaurant Design - choosing the right architect, interior designer, and kitchen designer will make or break most restaurant concepts. Longboard Hospitality Group has over 35 years of experience in restaurant designing and construction of restaurants within prescribed budgets and time lines. The design and cost of the restaurant concept must be in line with the proposed construction budget and in line with the proposed P&L exhibits. When restaurant design costs are out of line, Longboard Hospitality will assist owners in providing value engineering, without reducing the quality of the restaurant. 
  • Restaurant Lease Negotiations - Longboard Hospitality has been negotiating complex restaurant leases since 1989 (including workouts, revisions, owner/tenant intervention, renewals) and we feel confident that we can shorten the learning curve and save you a lot of money on your restaurant lease.
  • Restaurant Management - Restaurants have many moving parts, our management services are limited to a precise scope of work. Our typical protocol for completing our tasks include a collaborative review of our contract, a walk-through of the property, a fact-finding mission, and a written summary from Longboard Hospitality Group describing our solutions to your restaurant every line item in our scope of work.
  • Restaurant Opening - overseeing the opening of a restaurant is critical to the success of any restaurant. Longboard Hospitality will prepare a detailed opening checklist, which includes a construction timeline, a list of company policies & procedures, restaurant employee handbooks, training programs, hiring practices, recipe testing, plate presentations, final restaurant menu reviews and staff tastings, lighting, style and volume of music, employee uniforms, table management systems, POS selection and programming, inventory controls, scheduling, budgets, restaurant seating charts, table top décor, soft and grand opening plans, etc.          

Restaurant Food & Beverage (F&B) Development

  • Restaurant Consulting- Catering or Private Dining– Longboard Hospitality Group will assist the restaurant owners with menu development, use records, china selections, table top design, equipment selections, and software solutions for tracking all of your functions with a systematic way of booking events, recording all of the important details of the function, and the ability to drill down to specific requests & comments contained in the follow-up segment of the software. ·         
  • Restaurant Consulting- Beer & Wine List – there is a wide range of factors that affect the type of list you are going to provide your customers. Longboard Hospitality will walk you through the options based on your food menu, restaurant location, market target, price points, age, gender, experience of your staff, storage, speed of service, and the neighborhood comp set.
  • Restaurant Consulting- Cocktail Menu – the same rules apply discussed in our Beer & Wine segment. Cocktail menus will be defined by researching your clientele and if your restaurant doesn't provide the types of cocktails desired from our research of your target market, your customers will simply move to another restaurant location. Longboard Hospitality Group will thoroughly research and define those needs, and then put together a comprehensive employee training program to match the skill sets of your bar tending staff.      

Restaurant Consulting -Expansion

  • Restaurant Branding – Business Consulting- in today’s rapidly evolving market, branding has become a much more complex undertaking. Not only does your restaurant have to consider all the legal components (copyrights, trademarks, domains) or how the logo appears on a sign or in advertising, but now restaurants must consider how the your brand correlates with the entire social media program. Restaurant brands play a vital part in search engine optimization, website domains, as well as twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Restaurant Expansion & Multi-Unit consulting – Longboard Hospitality will review all of your current restaurant systems and procedures, collaborate with the ownership team, then prepare an expansion playbook that allows you to roll out additional concepts.      
  • Restaurant Consulting-Marketing – a well-defined Restaurant Marketing program is essential for the success of all restaurants. Longboard Hospitality would review your current restaurant marketing program, then give you advice on a wide-range of choices for your advertising, public relations, website hosting, website search engine optimization, Google ranking, Online Consumer Reviews, Social Media Platforms, and in-house Promotions with an email marketing database.


  •  Innisfree Hotels
  •  Westin Hotels
  •  Host Hotels & Resorts
  •  Marriott Hotels     

Larry Work is the President and CEO of Longboard Hospitality Group. Mr. Work has been in the independent Restaurant & Hospitality Ownership and Management industry since 1975. Larry Work is a graduate of Florida State University, bringing over 30 years of Restaurant and Hospitality management expertise, Larry attended L'Academie de Cuisine and Marriott International's Corporate Food Production Program.   He is a current board member for WSRE Public Broadcasting Television. Larry grew up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and is passionate about surfing, boating and anything water related. Larry is a co-owner of the first eco-friendly boat dealer in Northwest Florida.

  • 1989 – Developed a restaurant management company called Sam & Harry’s Management Company. 1990 – Built, managed, and/or owned a chain of high-end boutique steakhouses called Sam & Harry’s, with locations in Virginia, Washington DC, Newport Beach California, and Schaumburg Illinois.
  • 2001 – Developed, owned, and managed a fine dining restaurant is Washington, DC called The Caucus Room for 20 years.
  • 2010 – Developed a new consulting arm of Sam & Harry’s Management Company, called Longboard Hospitality Group, which developed and manages The Caucus Room Brasserie and Boveda in Washington DC.
  • 2016 – Opened Satellite office in Pensacola, Florida. Within a short span of 3 years, Longboard Hospitality has represented major hotel companies and independent restaurateurs in Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Washington DC.      
  • 2018 Longboard Hospitality Group moves National Headquarters to Pensacola, Florida.

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